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A.W.I.P. Personal Training

Some words about me

Hello / My experience

My name is Ron D. Osborne and I’m a former Collegiate Football Player and High School Track Athlete. I have always been passionate about fitness and at one point in my life I aspired to become a Bodybuilder.

I ended up pursuing a different career path and held Sales and Customer Service Positions with Information Technology Companies. Never really satisfied with that career choice I decided to pursue a career in Fitness again and got my first certification from the AFPA in October of 2010.

I have since earned a certification from the ASFA and also a CPR/AED Certification from the American Health Care Academy. I believe in positive reinforcement with a firm but non-commando approach to fitness. We take pride in the success of our clients.

Fitness like cooking is a recipe for life and everything is a work in progress.

Mission / Love training

Our mission is to have a positive impact in our clients lives and creating a memorable fitness experience. We are committed to empowering individuals to a healthier lifestyle.

We strive to enhance and improve the overall health and fitness of others through motivation, education and guidance.

Satisfied Trainees

Ron has a way of encouraging you with his upbeat spirit and believing you can do more than you think you can, so you start believing it yourself! It doesn't matter if you are new in the class or have been around for awhile, his constant excitement for his students to keep moving safely is shown through his smiles, laughter, and you've got this attitude!

Dani Mages

I have been working with Ron for almost a year. During that time he has shown me through instruction and example what it means to work for your goals. He understands how to prescribe or modify the exercises for my ability and physical state at any given time. He has a gentle way to correct my form so I get the most out of what I am doing. The work outs are fun yet challenging. He always knows when to give an encouraging word just when it is needed.

Jill Bean

Ron’s boot camp focuses on a variety of core and balance exercises; traditional exercises (bench press, lunges, curls, etc.), along with newer exercise combinations (ropes, kettle bell, resistance bands, etc.) which engage various muscle groups to achieve the best workout possible. The routines vary from class to class so the workout is never monotonous or boring. The workouts are tailored to fit your skill level, which is paramount not only for the advanced classes but also those new to the boot camp experience or exercising in general.

Throughout the workout, Ron focuses his attention on each person in the class to make sure they achieve maximum results. He has the ability to inspire and motivate people throughout the class, but does so without making you feel uncomfortable or inferior. He understands that we all exercise at different levels and modifies each routine accordingly.

As someone who has been involved in health and fitness for over 25 years, I find it refreshing to encounter someone that takes pride in the progress of their students and shows that he truly cares about the individuals in the class not just how many people he can get to attend. I encourage anyone to take Ron’s boot camp and experience the difference that he makes.

Mary Finch

***In the year that I have been taking bootcamp with Ron we have NEVER done the same workout twice. You can tell that he takes considerable time preparing for each class regularly introducing new exercises and/or combination of exercises that continue to challenge us and improve our overall strength and endurance. ***With each class you are guaranteed a full body workout. The perfect mix of strength training combined with cardio. You will leave everything on the floor. You will be sweaty, your muscles fatigued – and yet amazingly, you feel invigorated. ***Ron is a stickler about proper form to ensure that we are getting the most out of each exercise and more importantly to prevent unnecessary injury. He demonstrates each new exercise before we do it and is known to walk around the room to correct individuals as necessary. ***Ron is a gentle giant, but don’t let that fool you. He is highly motivating and constantly pushes you to achieve your personal best. ***Despite the number of people in the bootcamp class, you always get individual attention from Ron - correction on form, the push you need to complete an exercise, praise for progress no matter how big or small. ***Ron regularly seeks feedback from the participants to make sure that the class continues to meet their needs and expectations. ***I am thrilled with my results from taking Ron’s bootcamp! I am physically stronger and can do exercises today that I never thought possible. My body is stronger, leaner and more fit than ever before.

Cristina Rothwell Arnold

Bootcamp is my favorite. My instructor Ron Osborne is the best there is!

Nicole Heusser

Ron’s training sessions are really well thought out. He is laser focused on the mechanics behind each exercise and his creativity really shines. He is a stickler for form and ensures safety at all times. The space is also large and well utilized. But its the sense of community that really makes this facility stand out. Members and instructors are super friendly, welcoming and above all else supportive. If you are looking for a workout that is intense, fun and will push you to your limits, then Ron’s Conditioning Bootcamp is for you! Working out has never been so fun and enjoyable.

Danielle Pantaleoni Bouchard

Thanks Ron for pushing my body to almost throwing up and fainting...Can't believe I am thanking you for the delightful torture..but you are the best workout guru I know. Be good to yourself this weekend.

You are one totally rad instructor, Dude. Can't wait for you to crush me in the next Bootcamp, brutally awesome workout

Holly Williams

Ron Osborne with A.W.I.P has taken Bootcamp to an all new level! His classes are full of invigorating, high energy fun that gets you in the best shape while maximizing your workouts through his various techniques. Ron demonstrates each move ensuring that perfect form is achieved for maximum results. I would recommend anyone to take one of Ron's classes and to see how wonderful these classes really are! Definitely a challenging experience, but the results from my efforts are starting to show! Thanks Ron!

Stephanie Murray

I know your ab exercises and they are a killer.

Meegan Sheehan Donnelly

This is the gratitude you deserve that you didn't get elsewhere no matter how hard you worked! I am so proud of you and happy for you and only wish I lived closer to you so you could help me get in better shape!

Rita Valerius
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